7 Signs That You Should Switch to Contracting – Women Testers 2018
Are you a permanent employee – a “permie” – wondering whether you’d be able to succeed as a contractor? Here are seven signs that you should switch to contracting.

The Siren Call of Test Metrics – Testing Circus 2015
Reporting on software testing using metrics can have unintended consequences. Which test metrics do we regularly produce for reporting, and what information will stakeholders interpret from those metrics? Let’s examine some real-world examples in detail…

What does testing look like without test cases? Testing Trapeze 2015
So where’s the harm in writing test cases? Time! Find out more about alternatives to test cases that give you more time for valuable testing, and let your results earn you more respect from your colleagues.

Engaging with StartupsTesting Circus 2014
Learn about this win-win approach for software testers engaging with startup companies.

Are You a Thinking Tester?Testing Circus 2014
“Some context-driven testers – including myself – used to follow traditional methods of testing. As Thinking Testers we were increasingly frustrated while using documentation-heavy processes…”

Interview with Kim Engel – Nicky Tests Software by Nicola Owen 2014

Can Test Managers harm product quality by being too helpful? – Testing Trapeze 2014
There’s a tipping point where taking on more responsibility can harm rather than help the project. Which side of that tipping point are you on?



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